Soccer in Argentine Economy. Numbers without passion

Ariel Coremberg, Juan Sanguinetti, Marisa Wierny


This study aims to measure and analyze the business of football in Argentina. The proposed methodology takes into account the European sport Vilnius definition and System of National Accounts 2008 towards Satellite Sports Accounts ensuring international comparability of the main findings. Argentine clubs are mainly financed by their fans contrary to European and Brazilian soccer where TV and marketing and sponsors revenue are more important. The average turnover of a football club is equivalent to the turnover of two stores in a typical retail chain, similar results for English football found by Kuper and Symanski (2012). The contribution of football to the Argentine economy is approximately 2.2% of the household consumption, equivalent to the total of the sport in other European countries. Football clubs involved only 21% of the business of football. Football institutions not take all the economic benefit generated


soccer; sports; national accounts; economics

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